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Welcome To!

The next phase in training is a Welcome To class. These classes are role-specific, mine being Food Core Cafe. Others have classes called Park Operations, or Store Operations. 

This one kicked off with our first time clocking in! I definitely nailed it. Our guides led us through a brief tour of California Adventure this time. They stopped along the way to explain the different kinds of foods service the parks have. All of which are very intentionally designed to service Guests in all sorts of ways. They have quick snacks, grab-and-go stands, sit for a bit, and even full service dining. 

After our brief tour we were led to backstage classrooms for food specific information. Part of which included connecting the four keys to our food specific roles. But before that we watched a very long food handlers program, in order to all be certified to work for Disney's food division. And once we finished up that, there was another very long powerpoint about hazardous chemicals and the communication used to use them safely. It was riveting. 

And then some fun stuff! We got our work shoes, which every Food Service and Custodial Cast Member receive from the company for free. This meant heading up into the costuming area of backstage. This was so exciting! We saw people walking around in tons of different costumes, the very spacey one's I'd be wearing next week were even hanging up in the masses. We went into the shoe room and picked our favorite out of all the seriously stylish shoes and then we were off to scheduling. 

My first official schedule consists of four days of training and then a fifth day of full on work. Normally there's three days of training, but they gave me a fourth to train me not only in Tomorrowland Terrace but also in Pizza Port! I'll get a two day break and another five full eight hour shifts. Holy cow, right. Like oh my gosh, I'm going to die. I haven't ever worked that much in my life. BUT I'm also so excited to finally get into the park and interact with everyone. I also found out my role specifically as a Food Service Worker is also called Host/Hostess, so I'll be greeting people into the food area, and floating/doing some other middle man obscure duties. Overall, I'm super excited to get started on Tuesday!

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