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Hollywood City Tour!

Hey guys, I got to go to Hollywood! The College Program rented a huge double decker tour bus and took us around to some Disney related Hollywood/LA site seeing.

First stop on the tour was the LA Memorial Coliseum. The only place they've held the Olympics twice! It was pretty cool to see, buttttttt there were also some really detailed human statues (not pictured) and I was bored and ready to move on pretty fast.


Next stop on the tour was the Staples Center! There was giant statues of some athletes I didn't really know. Except Magic! So I posed like him:

Our first Disney stop was the Walt Disney Concert Hall! I was mostly excited because Get Smart had a scene here and that means Steve Carrell was in the vicinity. I repeat STEVE CARRELL.

Sonjia and I looking all cute and matchy.

Then we drove around to some other smaller places. The hand painted carousel where Walt first got the idea to create a theme park was one of the stops. EXCEPT IT WAS CLOSED AND WE COULD BARELY SEE ANYTHING. So it was lame. Then we had another 'Disney' stop at the Walt Disney Brothers original studio! Sounds exciting and historical right? Nope. It's just an awkward print shop now with a tiny knock off Mickey Mouse sign that says it was once the studio.

Eventually we made our way into Hollywood! Which was just as dirty as I expected, and we got just as harassed as I thought we would. But hey! It was still pretty cool. I got to take a photo with James Franco's star, I'm basically obsessed with him. I literally have a button with his face on it. Look, happiness:

This is a photo of the inside of the El Capitan Theater. It's owned by Disney and plays Disney movies all the time! It often hosts premieres too. 

They're currently showing Lady and the Tramp so Sonjia and I got photos to document our lovely Hollywood date. 

We drove through Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Holy cow, those places are so nice. I would love to live in that area! I would love to just go shopping there, actually. One of our last stops was a little square called Urban Lights! It's a bunch of antique lamps all artistically placed together. Definitely a cool spot for photos.

Last stop on the tour was the Grove shopping center! It's such a nice area and if we had had more time I know for sure I would have spent a lot of money in stores like Top Shop, Madewell, Zara, etc!

If the tour wasn't free I probably wouldn't have done it, but it was still fun to get a glimpse of the Hollywood area and spend some time with my girl Sonjia!

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