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Happy Valentines Day!

Let's just say I've been feeling pretty loved this Valentines Day and a lot of that is due to these five wonderful girls who I've been blessed to live with. My gift to them this year is words! Because I can command more power in them when written. Also because I was lame and didn't buy anything.

Bianca This girl and I clicked the first day we met. She's absolutely hilarious and we are just always laughing. We look at each other and make the freaking weirdest faces, for no reason. She's quirky and outgoing, and nearly always has the biggest smile on her face. People react positively to her energy and she makes friends with everyone. A people person if I ever met one. We relate to each other in many ways, and both being PNW people brings a whole new level of mutual understanding. She makes my bed and leaves cute notes, wears sperrys and looks just as beautiful without her signature red lipstick. I LOVE YOU GURL. GURL.

Rachel Well, at first we all thought this one might be a weirdo ;) kidding! She's the artist among us, and a sweetheart too. Rachel puts others concerns before her own and is constantly considerate. She's random and funny and we do the silliest things together. She's trusting, maybe a bit too much so ;) , and non judgmental. She's easy to live with and never truly negative. She skips out on pants, because she can. We didn't hand pick this one before we came but boy did we get lucky. LURVE YU RACHELLEA.

Makinna Makinna is just so admirably strong! Both mentally and physically. She's strong in her convictions and bold in her opinion. While most might find her tough demeanor intimidating, she's got a kind heart and protective nature. Kids light up when Makinna talks to them, making them smile with ease. Winning a laugh or smile from her is truly rewarding and her discipline in her health is incredibly impressive. We see eye to eye in many things, both being confident in who we are. She makes me feel a little bit cooler, and basically has the sweetest grandmother ever. MAKINNA, I LOVE YOU!

Sonjia My fellow homie! This girl and I are always on the same wavelength. We catch each other's obscure movie quotes and are always randomly singing along. Sonjia is optimistic and fun! She makes the most out of situations and doesn't waste time with bad moods. She's got all the guys chasing her because this girl is beautiful inside and out. She makes the extra effort to be kind to everyone, but is in no way a push over. She sassed her way into our hearts and always encourages us to make good choices. I LOVE YOU, SONJIA.

I did it for the blog guys, I went there, cheesy, emotional and maybe a bit too far.

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