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First Few Days!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Holy cow, it's been crazy.

I flew in bright and early Monday morning to the Orange County airport and took a taxi from there to the apartment complex. As you can imagine, I was basically dying of heat by then. Moving here will absolutely be an adjustment. My sister keeps saying she's jealous of how tan I'll get living in California, but in reality, I'll probably just get constantly sunburned. I do absolutely love seeing palm trees everywhere.

With my brand new sunglasses on (because this Washingtonian needed a California upgrade), I waited about an hour in line outside Carnegie Plaza, my new home.

We wound through the complex filling out paperwork, getting our room assignments, keys and orientation schedules. Among the paperwork I learned I would be working in the Disneyland park! I then finally got to go up to my apartment and meet all of my amazing roommates! They're all really nice, and we get along great. We spent most of the day unpacking, which was actually really hard to focus on.

Later that night we got to go to Downtown Disney for some food! I was so excited to be in Downtown Disney. Even though it's not one of the parks, it still has a touch of Disney magic. It's such an awesome shopping center, there are lights on the trees, bold architecture, and all the shops are so nice. We ate delicious sandwiches at a place called Earl of Sandwich and then made plans to do some apartment shopping.

All five of us piled into a car and headed to Target. We may have bought a bit too much and barely got it all in the car (thanks, Kinna for driving!). It was quite the adventure. I was actually more comfortable than it looks in the photo.

We spent the rest of that night unpacking and settling in, all of us pretty tired from the long day.

Tuesday marked our first full day on our own, with several welcoming activities. We started off with a "Welcome to the Program" orientation where they inspired us to take advantage of the program and make connections with all of these amazing Disney people. After hearing all these people speak and talking to some other program participants, I've noticed that we all have such a similar mindset that I haven't really been able to share with a lot of people before. Everyone is really determined to do big things, explore the world and make people happy, it's awesome.

We had some time until the big welcome party that night and decided to check out the local CVS and 'Vons', which were both a convenient 5 min or so walk from our apartment. Now if you haven't heard of Vons, it's actually the exact same thing as Safeway. Literally. Everything besides the name is the same, it's strange right?

That night we went to the big College Program Welcome Party! It had pizza, a photo booth, and an awesome DJ! The free photo booth took great pictures and even printed out a copy for each of us.

The DJ was so incredibly good at his job. He got a ton of us on the dance floor with a really fun partner game! He led us in crazy dance moves, fun routines, and gave away free prizes. My roommates definitely witnessed my crazy dance moves; and when the dougie came on, you know I was 253 reppin ;)

Overall it was a great party and we met some new people, danced like crazy and grew a bit closer in such a small amount of time.

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