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Days off at Disney!

When I'm not working at Disneyland, I get two glorious days off. Can you just take a guess at to where I spend them?

We also officially became roommates by buying matching leather bracelets from Frontierland that have our room number, 406, on them. How freaking cute right?

We also got Sonjia on the Fun Wheel for the first time! Well, it was also my first time, but it was a big deal for her because she had previously refused to go on it. We went on the swinging ones and it was actually really fun.

I also had a corn dog. Well, I've had lots of corn dogs, but this time I decided to take an ironically artsy photo of it.

Speaking of artsy, they're filming a movie called Tomorrowland in the Small World attraction. Something to do with George Clooney and time travel? I don't know, but it wasn't as exciting as you might expect.

We also rode Hollywood Tower of Terror and made literally the ugliest faces we could. This is probably one of the only rides that legit makes me scream. SO MUCH FUN.

The next time I went was only for about 4 hours and yet the most amazing things happened! We got the infamous and addicting Pacific Wharf chowder bowls and then rode some rides! 

BUT then my roommate Bianca got us the hookup and we literally sat in the VIP section for World of Color. It was like I was seeing the show for the first time, and it was absolutely beautiful and moving.

We were just all so stoked and pumped up after getting the chance to see that. And when we went to Main Street to get ice cream, DRAKE BELL, yes DRAKE BELL, was just chilling and laughing with his friends! It was surreal to see someone I watched on tv for so long just right in front of my face! The interaction was brief, but he was really nice and all his friends were very willing to take photos for us.

And if you think all that was cool, try riding Space Mountain in three exclusive phases. It was a College Program exclusive event after hours and there was about a hundred of us who got to go! We rode it first regularly, as a sort of controlled test to compare to. And then they turned on all of the lights for the second time around. It was so odd to ride it without the pitch black and shooting stars, the inside is pretty plain. It's basically a metal roller coaster that winds tightly in a sort of funnel down to the bottom, it also felt a bit faster that way too I think. The third ride was mostly a surprise, they literally turned off ALL of the lights and the sounds. It was really scary, we had no idea at all where we were in the ride and I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face. Definitely fun though, I'm so glad I got to participate. 

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